Dangerous Goods® Cart Sniper Tab 3D PVC Morale Patch

Have You Ever been Cart Sniped? Have You Ever Cart Snipe Anyone Else?

If You've Ever Tried to Order a Limited Morale Patch, or Pair Of Sneaker (Defcon Vans for Example), Then You Have Likely Experienced The Unfortunate Feeling of Being "Cart Sniped". For the Dudes on the Other End However, they Survived with their Gear, and Are Celebrating Victory With Their Order Confirmation Emails!

Now We Have Introduced a Patch To Proudly Display that Achievement of Victory that You Have Experienced..atleast Once in a While!

• Cart Sniper V1 - Dangerous Blue - Sold Out

• Cart Sniper V2 - Dangerous Red/GITD

• Cart Sniper V3 - Gold

Size: 3" WIDE

Each Patch is Presented in 3D PVC, and is Hook Fastener Backed