Overland Goons “Anti Jeep Yota Club” Patch - Multicam Black

Overland Goons Division Presents the Official Non-Official Club Patch of Yota Enthusiasts Everywhere!

Anti Jeep "Yota” Club: V2 Genuine Multicam Black 

Limited to 99 Made Total

Size: 2.5” Tall

Hook Fastener Backed 

Made in USA 


1. 100% MCB Camo Print 

2. < Less than 50% MCB Print

3. < Less than 10% MCB Print (Basically Black)

WHY 3 OPTIONS: These are made with Genuine Multicam Black Fabric, and as a result, each patch will look different depending on which area of the Fabric was used within the Patch circle. With that being said, we inspected each Patch individually, and separated them into the 3 Options which are available to select in the ‘Drop Down Menu’.

NOTE: The Multicam Black Mini Patch Panel is Sold Separately, so don’t be “That Guy”.